Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees 

The responsibility of the Trustees, just to name a few, are as follows:

Attend to all legal & financial transactions of the church.

Care & upkeep of all the buildings & grounds and shall be custodians of all the funds.

Publish a proposal annual church budget prior to the first of each year.

Monitor & evaluate annually personnel, such as salary, vacations, sick days, benefits etc.

Over see parsonage repairs and maintenance.

For the year 2016, the names of the members of the board of Trustees are:

Tim Nortz, Mike Kelly, Elwin Stillman, Chick Krusper, Bill Kilburn, and Bob Meekins.

The elected Ex Officio’s are as follows; Pastor Leon Runner, Tina Thomas as Treasurer, Rhonda Vanucchi as assistant Treasurer and Darlene McDougall as Financial Secretary.

Tim Nortz is the Chairperson and Elwin Stillman is the Co-Chairperson.

Recent projects have been; Update a list of repairs needed for the building & estimated cost;

Working on 2016 budget and keeping the congregation informed monthly with “Church Financial News”.