Church Moderator

Church Moderator – Patricia Burke

The Church Moderator is elected annually by the church and presides over the Church Advisory Board, and the Annual and Special Meetings of the church. The moderator works with the Pastor in supporting the officers and committee chairs of the church in their respective ministries.

Having held this position since January of 2015, I have made an effort to attend as many of the transitional trainings and studies offered by our interim pastor, Preacher Jim, as possible. I have joined in a number of committee discussions and have volunteered to take minutes for the newly formed Pulpit Committee. In addition, I am teaching Sunday School and getting to know more of our church’s young people and their families.

I envision the role of Church Moderator to be one of  increasing visibility.  The person(s) elected in the ensuing years will be expected to aide in communication between the pastor and the congregation and between the various church committees and the congregation. Developing a respectful and prayerful relationship with the pastor, trustees and deacons will be a priority. Listening carefully to the concerns and ideas of church leadership and those in the pews will be a constant. The Church Moderator will help to facilitate a flow of ideas and effect positive change while, at the same time, keeping focus on church law.