Baptism & Church Membership

As Baptists, we practice believer’s baptism, which simply means that a person comes to faith in Jesus Christ and, acknowledges Him as their Savior and Lord before baptism. Thus, while we have a service of dedication for infants and young children, we do not baptize them. As Baptists we also practice baptism by immersion (by placing under the water) as the New Testament mode of baptism which best signifies the believer’s identification with Christ in death, burial and resurrection.
Persons may be received into regular membership upon baptism by immersion, or, having been previously immersed, by statement of Christian experience, or by letter of transfer from another evangelical church without being re-baptized by immersion.
Associate membership is available to those transferring from another Christian church who have been baptized by some mode other than immersion and who do not wish to be re-baptized. Associate members may vote, hold office, and exercise the rights of regular members except in areas dealing with Baptist doctrine and affiliation.
Those desiring baptism by immersion or membership in the Lowville Baptist Church should contact one of the deacons.  General guidelines for baptism and church membership include:
– 12 years or older
– faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord
– regular attendance at LBC for 6 months or longer