About Us

Founded in 1824, our history really goes back to 1819 with the founding of the First Baptist Church of Lowville and Denmark, also known as the “Line Church” because it was built on the boundary between those two towns with the pulpit straddling the line. With long winters and horse and sleighs for transportation, it soon became apparent that the distance was too much and there was a need to divide with a church located in the village of Lowville itself. Thus, the Lowville Baptist Church was established in 1824 with a long and active history of biblical witness and cooperative spirit.

The original wood-frame structure was replaced in 1890 with the current brick main building. Over the years several modifications were made. In 1997 the downstairs dining hall was converted to Sunday School classrooms and the fully handicap-accessible fellowship hall and office wing was added at the rear.

We are associated with the American Baptist Churches/USA, thus tracing our line through the original bodies of Baptists in the United States. We hold to a reasonable faith which avoids a stiff literalism that turns our faith into legalism, or a liberalism that leaves us with no certainty. We seek to understand and apply the Scriptures as they were originally intended, believing that the God of Creation can work miraculously in human affairs.

We are a mission-minded church. Our written history shows that our support of the worldwide mission of the Church goes back at least as far as 1829 when the church began its support of the work of the first Baptist missionaries from America, Adoniram and Ann Judson. The mission field was Burma. Today we are a leader in both the North Country and the state in the support of missions.

We are a cooperative church. We have always believed that we are only a piece of the larger work God is doing, not only in our denomination, but also among all true Christian denominations and churches. For this reason, we continue to work cooperatively with the other Christian churches of our area to support outreach and ministry. Through the Lowville Council of Churches, we support the Lowville Food Pantry, Head-To-Toe Thrift Shop, Christmas Sharing and similar projects.